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Rebecka L.

I started going to class a few days ago & I have been everyday since! I've had so much fun it's convenient because I can bring my son & get a workout in! I am starting to notice I've had more energy since I started & I'm loving it. I have really struggled with my weight since I had my son 4 years ago (it's no longer an excuse) I think in those years I've just given up on how I look & I hate to look in the mirror to even see what I have become, I'm glad I've found somewhere I feel comfortable & I don't feel like I'm being judged even if I CANT dance because nothing is worse than walking into a gym & immediately feeling out of place, judged, & like you don't belong. Thank you Amanda for creating this place for people to just have fun & to feel great about themselves, I know I just started but I've been watching for a few months & debating on whether I wanted to try it or not! One day I just said I'm going to go today will be the day! & now I'm hooked! I'm hoping to see some weight loss results along with clean eating but I'm just ready to get my energy back! 

Ashley M.

I went to one class and I was hooked! Amanda is great and the workouts are intense but fairly easy to follow! It doesn't feel like you're working out because it's fun, but you will sweat and you will be burning lot of calories!

Christal K.

I don't know why I haven't reviewed Dance Fit yet but here it goes: I've never had so much fun working so hard! I've done the fighting with myself to go to the gym and trying to motivate myself to stay consistent in other workout programs. Months after starting this there has yet to be a single night I've regretted coming. With a "no judgement" environment you have the ability to work at the level you can and simply add more as you can do more. There is a lot of energy, a lot of love, and a lot of positive vibes moving around. Oh, and a lot of volume! :)
Best. Class. Ever!

Samantha H.

I love the staff, the atmosphere, and Amanda!! Best place to get a workout in and have fun!

Kodi D.

Amanda is fantastic very bubbly and happy and the dances are so much fun but make you sweat your booty off. I love this place!!!

Sylvia H.

I love the energy and excitement Amanda brings to the class. I love to work out, but I hate cardio. This is the answer to my cardio needs. Amanda creates a supportive non judgmental community. I always leave her class feeling uplifted.

Angie K.

These classes are so amazing and so fun!! Amanda and Sydney have so much energy and are so positive, it really makes exercise enjoyable!

Jonell S.

I started going to class a couple,of weeks ago and I couldn't be happier about my choice. Amanda is so much fun and caring. I sweat with a huge smile on my face the entire time. So much fun!

Shawna C.

First timer and it was a blast! I was getting my butt kicked in the first 5 minutes, but having so much fun! I will for sure be going back!

Rebecca H.

I've been to just about any kind of workout class there is. Never in my life have I been pushed so hard, and had so much fun while doing it! Do yourself a favor and get your butt to the next class! You won't regret it!

Rhonda H.

My first class this morning!! I absolutely loved it!! A great mix of all ages and sizes... love when I can work out and not feel insecure about it!! I will definitely be back!!!

Maura E.

Super fun!!! It's a great workout too - I always leave sweating! Very reasonably priced!

Jenyel C.

Love love love this class. Come out have fun an get fit!

Paige R.

Most fun place to get a great workout in! Amanda and her girls are AMAZING! Have no fear, we all go to have fun and sweat our booties off!! 

Marybeth B.

*warning* long post ahead....this review is wayyyyy overdue and if I could rate more than 5 stars then I would. I have been consistently taking Amanda's class for almost a year. Before this class, I was the person who would go to the gym for 2 weeks and then maybe again after a few months. Never did I see results, I wasn't having much fun doing it, and I was not consistent. When I started this class I was feeling lousy about my appearance, the way I felt, and my marriage was struggling. I was not happy. One class...ONE...did me in and I knew immediately that I was in the presence of some pretty awesome people. The music is awesome, the choreography is easy to follow but challenging enough to make your entire body drenched in sweat! Aside from the dancing, Amanda, Sydney, Megan, and all the other men and women that attend class have the most positive outlook on life and fitness. I have been criticized for spending money on the classes, not seeing super quick results (only because I love cake lol), and adding to my already hectic schedule...but when I come to class I know that these people and this awesome workout makes me the happiest girl in the world. This class literally saved me and made me a better version of myself. I guess you can say it even saved my marriage because I'm no longer feeling sorry for myself and that energy is no longer rubbing off on my husband and children. I have made so many friends and look forward to taking this class...I even get sad when I know I'm going to have to miss haha! So, with all that said, come by and check out a class...it might just change your life like it did mine! Thank you Amanda!!

Tracy W.

Hate to work out ... have two left feet ... but this class is so much fun!!! If you are thinking about it - you really have to give it a try.

Leanna W.

Went to my first class tonight. It kicked my butt but it was so much fun!

Teri W.

Totally awesome class! Taught by one of my favorite humans! So much fun energy. And lots of sweat! Woo hoo! 

Brooke B.

I do not like to workout and had a hard time staying motivated with alternatives, UNTIL a neighbor invited me to DanceFit with Amanda. I've been hooked ever since!! I sweat my butt off, I hurt (in a good way) the next day, and I CRAVE this class! The music and vibe in the gym is so energizing and it's all fueled by Amanda and her inviting and encouraging leadership. If you like to dance and have a good time while also working out, this is definitely gonna be your jam! 

Amanda C.

This class is so much fun! It has great music and Amanda the instructor is great about explaining the steps for new people. You don't have to be a great dancer. Everyone is just there to have fun and exercise. This is a no judgement zone! I love it!

Kimberly H.

I am new to the classes and absolutely love it! Never realized how great of a workout dancing could be. Great energy, friendly and non judgemental! I look forward to the next class! Thank you Amanda for being positive, encouraging and keeping it fun!

Amanda B.

It's super easy to pick up on!! Best workout ever!! An everyone's really nice!

Stephanie R.

The most fun class I have ever taken! You work hard but it doesn't feel like a workout!

Christy E.

It is so much fun! I can't wait until the next class!

Kristin M.

This review is long overdue!! Love this class, love Amanda's energy and the fact that I can come time and time again (with an injured shoulder) and get a great workout. There are people of all fitness levels having a blast getting healthy. You will not be disappointed!

Libby H.

This class is so much fun you hardly know you are working out !!!! Until you see / feel a difference in your own body !!!! Love it , love it , love it !!!!! Finally found something I enjoy doing for a workout !!!!! Thanks Amanda !!!

Nikki J.

Awesome class. Challenging and super fun! Thanks so much!

Lisa S.

This class is THE MOST FUN I have ever had doing cardio!

Danielle S.

Not only is this class an incredible cardio workout, it's totally hip, and let's me shake my groove thang! Amanda has so much positive energy, you simply can't go to a class and not have fun, nor leave without a smile on your face! It's my favorite workout at the gym or at home (by watching her YouTube videos)!

Tara H.

I've been going to Amanda's classes for a while. I love it. I have a awful back and so far this class I can do without being in pain for days after. Great workout. All ages sizes in the class. Amanda makes you feel very welcome and you can tell she LOVES what she does!

Susan H.

Best fitness class I've ever taken. I actually like Mondays now because Amanda's class is on Monday! Love the energy, the music, it's so fun!

Melissa G.

You will be addicted!! Love this class. Helped me reach my weight loss goals.

Savanna H.

Love going to classes every week gives me something to look forward to Great Fitness Fun also Amanda helps provide information on AdvoCare products she also introduces herself and talks to everyone before class and after class makes everyone feel very welcome! Also summer sides is a awesome place to have it!

Susan M.

So much fun you really don't even realize you're working out until you have a lot hate relationship with your body the next day!!! I love the booty shaking and the music!!! Because its a lot fun, its kinda packed. I would recommend she announce that we window so there's a bit more space. 

Isabelle B.

I love this so much. Everyone is just so positive and energetic. I havent been in a year and went tonight and it was so easy to pick up the moves. Very intense. So amazing.

Heather E.

Did a couple drop in sessions while in town and loved it! Amazing energy and great workout! Thanks Amanda!

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